Saturday, November 01, 2003

yesterday dave whited and i went the Passion Experience Tour here at Trinity. I went two years ago (and used it as a “text” to analyze in a seminary class) and thought that I should check it out to see if things that I said still held true. dave crowder and Charlie hall we there to “lead” us.

positively, it seems (to use Passion as a litmus for the broader contemporary worship movement) that they are moving out of their “historical amnesia” (that’s dave’s term for it). happily we sang several ancient hymn, even spoke one w/o singing, and they talked quite a bit about church history/tradition.

but on the whole, it seems that they have not really reached the liturgical movement toward an embodied worship, nor really seen the debilitating effects flowing from “concernt” worship, nor the perpetuation of consumerism. Should we even pay to worship, should people raise/spend money to go on worship “tour.” anyway…more could be said but I’ve said it elsewhere…(i’ll try to post my longer writings on this topic if i can figure out how.)

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