Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Oh Man! I wanted to be Gen X

...but now I find out that I'm really part of Generation Y. Yes, douglas coupland has nothing on me. I was reading this great article about consumerism and the return of the 'me generation' and it said that Gen Y is from 1977-97. I was born in '78, just made the cut off.

anyway, the article is very good, and it resonated with me a bit. But b/c I have older siblings, does that mean I'm more X than Y. but like being the oldest of the Yers instead of the youngest of the Xers. So I dub myself leader of Generation Y (provisionally). But Gen Y is really a selfish bit a techno-individualist, the return of the "me" generation, brainwashed by product placement cartoons and video games.

So I'll divest my title and just become a good generation x again. they care about the world and stuff.

But maybe... I just don't know.

what generation are you? do you fit?

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

covered heads-bare legs: its all good for business

Cute Veil! Where'd You Get It?
by Endy M. Bayuni

How Fashion takes advantage on dispute between conservatives and liberals.
"So while the conservatives and liberals are slugging it out to try to impose their values on the rest of society, most Indonesian girls, like their peers around the world, just want to have fun. The question of whether or not to cover their heads for them is really a matter of choice, and it is theirs alone to decide. The fashion industry will only gladly comply and serve their needs either way."

Thursday, March 01, 2007

peace in the middle east? no sweat, and organic

I won't go into all the stuff about the global economy and sweatshops and what not. If you care about where your clothes are many, or care about innovative economic possibilities, then check out these shirts made in Palestinian and Israeli collaboration. You can get the lowdown here, and watch the youtube below.