Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Oh Man! I wanted to be Gen X

...but now I find out that I'm really part of Generation Y. Yes, douglas coupland has nothing on me. I was reading this great article about consumerism and the return of the 'me generation' and it said that Gen Y is from 1977-97. I was born in '78, just made the cut off.

anyway, the article is very good, and it resonated with me a bit. But b/c I have older siblings, does that mean I'm more X than Y. but like being the oldest of the Yers instead of the youngest of the Xers. So I dub myself leader of Generation Y (provisionally). But Gen Y is really a selfish bit a techno-individualist, the return of the "me" generation, brainwashed by product placement cartoons and video games.

So I'll divest my title and just become a good generation x again. they care about the world and stuff.

But maybe... I just don't know.

what generation are you? do you fit?

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