Sunday, December 07, 2003

Two books and two beauties.

Having just finished reading the Justice of God (by James Dunn) and The Fragile Absolute (by Zizek) I am continuing to shed my old evangelical understanding of “justification by faith”, having it revitalized by a New Perspective on Paul theologian and a Marxist/Psychoanalytic atheist.

I’ll be offering a short summary of Dunn’s book soon, since my summary here will double for the one I’ll give to our justice/mercy ministry. And I should write about Zizek b/c it will help me understand him (b/c i barely do).

Also, two beautiful things:
1) last week Tim White (our Liturgist) put together an amazing Advent piece for our worship service (a slideshow accompanied by music/monologue) which drew me into the very Reality of the Second coming. One of the few truly artistic uses of projected images in church.
2) the art piece by Brian Christiansen (our arts director), called the “waiting room,” sitting within our sanctuary, inviting us into our existence between the advents.

and these are just some of the beautiful things i have with me…

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