Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Third Party- christians and politics

(Let's take a break from philosophy)

Senator Lieberman has lost his bit for re-election in the primary for Connecticut, but has decided to run as an independent candidate.

Now many in the EC and beyond are talking about what it means for the church to be political (does the Church have its own politic, if not the Christian Right then the Left?, and such). I for one have felt the Sojourners option to feel like a Christendom of the Left and that Jim Wallis sounds like he's more for the Democratic Party than anything else (yes I need to nuance more!).

I have recently thought that if Christians really are meant to engage in national politics, then the most important contribution would be to form a viable Third Part (either with a platform or coalition of independent candidates).

So along with Lieberman (who is Jewish), perhaps Christian politicians should pull the plug on their party affiliation, and form a Third Party. A Third Party would be a truly astonishing political innovation in America.

So Let's do it! (err, wait! maybe I should think about this for a couple of years...)

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