Sunday, October 15, 2006

"You look like Lenin," I was told

So, about 2 minutes ago, I'm sitting in Panera, about to work on a little essay I'm writing for A man approaches me and asks me if I can help him with his computer. It keeps freezing on me. After trying for a bit to help him (which I can't because all I know how to do on computers is create Word documents and surf the web), I give up.

"You know way I asked you to help?" said the older gentleman. "Because I'm young and you figured young people know all about computers," I replied with a smile. "No! Because you reminded me a Lenin. You know I'm from Russia. You know who Lenin is, Yes? Do you know history? You look like Lenin when he was a student, your chin. He was a genius!" And with that he let me go.

Should I ponder the deeper significance of this? Or chalk it up to chance?

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