Thursday, July 26, 2007

CSA or 2007 Farm Bill: What to Do?

So today our family picked up our fruit and veggie boxes from Angle Organics, our local CSA. And today, via Church World Service, I learned that the House is about to vote on the new Farm Bill (learn more about the farm bill and whose involved) and I through them I contacted by representative and let him know what I thought.

So I did two things: 1) supported local economics via the ALMIGHTY DOLLAR, and 2) tried to influence national/global economics via DEMOCRACY (or something close to it).

Which is better to do?

Or course the answer is both/and, right? Left, I mean wrong. The way I view the world right now is economically. Of course I view the world that way, they want me to. But what I mean is that I really dont' think that Big Government can do as much to change things (or at least i don't have enough time to MAKE Big G care about what I think, and TIME is MONEY afterall).

But how I spend my money is very much something that I can control and will have an impact. I could lobby Big G to help out the small farmer (and therefore my assistance and my values are mediated thru someone else), or I use my money and ensure that I help them and that I am living by my values.

They same is true for clothing. Let your dollars speak, and if necessary and convenient, speak through the Government.

What do you think? What did I miss?

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