Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Rich Whitney for Govenor

This is the first time in my life where I have been following an election season, and might even vote. Actually I was going to not vote even thought I was voting b/c I'm voting for the Green Party here in Illinios (esp. Rich Whitney for Govenor).

But now it seems that Whitney is gaining support and that my vote might be much more of a statement in the elections b/c now he has 16% (click on Gubernetorial Races and hit IL) of possible votes in the election, which is very surprising. I was hoping to be irrelevant.

I'm voting for the Green Party because I'm convinced that if Christians really are meant to engage in national politics, then the most important contribution would be to form a viable Third Part (either with a platform or coalition of independent candidates).

now of course the Green Party is not inline with my view of sexual ethics, but their economic policy (esp. education) is up my alley. Some say that the Green Party is what the Republican used to stand for before neo-conservatives took over along with Big Business. Most of Green Party's 10 Values I can get behind, which is more than I think of either repubicans or democrats. And I think that if jim wallis really followed his reasoning, he would not be pro-Democrat, but would be Green or independent.

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